Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
PhD Psychology

Individuals, Couples, and Families

I am a Clinical Integrative Psychotherapist in private practice for 25 years currently based on line, sometimes in client homes, and at 21 rue des Cèvennes 75015 Pariss. I have been in my own personal recovery for 29 years.

If you want to collaborate in a judgment-free zone on creating an extraordinary life please reach out!

I'm not going to sit and smile at you and say softly, "and how do you feel about that?"

Life and relationships can be freaking incomprehensible and we will power through this together creating a more fulfilling life for you. Pain is a part of life, suffering does not have to be. We can do this!

Risk, Reward & Life

Colleen M. Kelly, PhD, MFT is a psychotherapist, international speaker, writer, and clinical outreach consultant based in Paris, France specializing in addiction, family therapy, and couples work. Over her career she has worked in marketing at HBO, spent a decade as a theater and television actor, a court advocate, an activist, and a professional comedy writer. Currently she is a California Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and an APA Board Certified Professional Counselor. She holds a BFA from New York University, a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, and a Doctorate in Philosophy with a concentration in Spiritual Psychology.

Currently she has a private practice in Paris, France, does clinical outreach for Cirque Lodge, Utah and she is the Director of Technology for StartAgain Associates in collaboration with DropLabs. She is at the forefront of cutting edge innovative mental health technology working with haptic shoes, EMDR, and brain performance technology providing both assessment and interventions.

Dr Kelly has worked in the substance abuse and mental health field in a variety of clinical settings, beginning 26 years ago with American Indian urban and reservation treatment centers. She lived on American Indian reservations designing cultural appropriate alcohol and domestic violence therapeutic material with tribal elders. She was a court advocate for ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act.

She was on the clinical staff of Promises Treatment Center in West Los Angeles as a therapist for four years and then she became the Director of the Family Program of Promises, Malibu in addition to designing family programs at several other treatment centers. She has been a regular group facilitator and clinical outreach consultant for over a decade at Promises, PCH Treatment Center, Cirque Lodge Utah, Milestones Ranch Malibu, Bridges to Recovery, Harmony Place, Avalon Malibu, AiR, Pacific Quest Hawaii, Reconnect, Transcend, Riviera Recovery, Visions Adolescent Treatment, and Resolutions Treatment to name a few. Dr. Kelly currently works with iCAAD on their Global Initiative.

Dr. Kelly is a California Probation Certified Master Domestic Violence Group Facilitator and has participated in the development of culturally relevant substance abuse and batterers programs for urban American Indian, African American, Hispanic and Latino communities in Los Angeles. She is a Board Certified Subject Matter Expert in Substance Abuse with the Board of Behavioral Science and a BBSE licensed Continuing Education Provider. In 2005, Dr. Aletha Solter, a colleague of Piaget, certified her as an Aware Parenting Parent Educator Specialist.

As a clinician, she was the first Clinical Director of the CAST program in Santa Monica providing psychotherapy and clinical oversight. Colleen has also consulted with Jean Campbell at the Action Institute of California in working with corporate clients to facilitate team building, strategic planning, crisis intervention, and role training workshops. Dr Kelly worked at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC as member to STAR Sinai Teen Aids Resources providing education to teens and college students across the US.

Dr Kelly opened a Doctors group practice with Dr. Reza Nabavi in Santa Monica CA in 2007. This group grew to be Resolutions Treatment Services where she was a therapist for 5 years before moving to Paris. Dr Nabavi and Dr. Kelly owned a women's sober living in Santa Monica CA for years together.

As an educator, she was adjunct staff at Pepperdine University and Antioch University. She has had over 40 articles published on addiction and family therapy and is the author of over 20 published Continuing Education courses for MFTs and LCSWs. She has been speaking in Europe on Trangenerational Grief and Addiction at conferences in Paris, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Stockholm, Rome, Amsterdam, Iceland, and Turkey.

As an independent Behavioral Health Care Contractor, she began working with Jeri Davis International, a health care recruitment and consulting firm in DC, and Gregory Consulting providing direct sales to treatment centers and medical providers, strategic planning, promotional events, and advertising. Current clients in Europe include Visions Adolescent Treatment, PCH, Cirque Lodge, Transcend and Reconnect.

In Europe Dr, Kelly provides clinical supervision for Connections in Recovery and runs aftercare groups for Castle Craig Hospital, Edinburgh in Paris, France. She has been a keynote speaker in Europe on Trangenerational Grief in the Irish, American Indian, and Palestinian Communities at conferences in Paris, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Stockholm, Rome, Amsterdam, Iceland, Dubai and Turkey. She lectures on Family Therapy tech- niques at treatment centers across the USA and most recently at Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland and at iCAAD conferences across Europe. She also recently joined Dr. Steve Dansiger as the European representative for Metta Protocol, Mindfulness & EMDR Treatment Template for Agencies in association with Droplabs wearable technology.

Dr. Kelly opened the European branch of Kindlin Consulting in 2019 with Kevin Kindlin serving the needs of adolescent ex-pats in Europe. We have visited hundreds of schools around the world and partner with admission directors, therapists, and educators at each one suggesting the best fit to help at risk students.

As a human rights advocate she works with Palestinian, Syrian, and North African refugees doing asylum interviews and advocating for civil rights and services. She was the Southern Californian Ambassador for UNRWA (the United Nations Relief Works Agency). She is a member of the Syrian Medical Association providing therapy to refugees and debriefing relief workers in Syria and Lebanon. Dr. Kelly also set up an organization working with MDs in Los Angeles delivering expired medications that could be used in dire situations, suture kits, and quick clot kits to hospitals in Syria.

Dr. Kelly is a member of ACADDI, L'association des therapeutic specialists du traitement de l'addiction. "She currently has offices in Paris, France, London, UK, and Santa Monica, California.